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Our mission is to add a novel, innovative therapeutic approach – stimulation of cells’ inherent or own protective mechanisms – to the medical toolbox. For the benefit of patients, physicians and health care payors.

Zytoprotec started this journey in the field of peritoneal dialysis (PD), one of two forms of dialysis, the other being hemodialysis (HD). Dialysis is a necessary, live-saving procedure for patients who suffer from renal failure. It is a bridging therapy used until the patent receives a donor kidney.

PD has seen disappointingly little, one can even say no, innovation in the last 20+ years. Primarily, to the detriment of patients who need to suffer from often severe side effects (as do HD patients), but also to the detriment of health care payors (HD is substantially more expensive than PD) and the environment (HD causes significantly more CO2 emissions and uses a tremendous amount of high-quality water).

Zytoprotec’s lead product, PDprotec®, has achieved the best results of any PD fluid study ever conducted, and is now ready for undergoing the final study before market approval (Clinical Phase III Study).

The company is led by a TEAM that combines decades of experience in pre-clinical and clinical research, the treatment of patients with PD, the dialysis markets, venture capital financing and in all forms and shapes but, in particular, in the medical and biotech field, and last but not least in successful exits of biotech companies. See PERSONS