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PDprotec® is a novel fluid for peritoneal dialysis, designed to reduce PD-related peritoneal complications, by using AlaGln in addition to a commonly used glucose PD solution.

Unique properties:
  • Currently, patients with kidney failure who undergo PD are treated with standard glucose PD solutions.
  • These solutions often cause adverse complications such as failure of the peritoneal membrane and infections (peritonitis). This limits the time patients can receive PD treatment.
  • In early research, the addition of AlaGln to a glucose PD solution has been shown to restore the cellular protection mechanisms that were inhibited by current solutions.
  • In clinical trials, PDprotec® significantly improved the tolerability of PD-treatment. We are preparing PDprotec® for a pivotal Phase III trial to demonstrate that PDprotec® can significantly improve and prolong the treatment of patients undergoing PD. We believe that an improvement the survival of patients under PD will not only win PDprotec® a significant market share in PD, but also increase the share of PD in the dialysis market overall (i.e., compared to hemodialysis, or HD). 
  • The addition of AlaGIn to PD solutions brings unrivaled advantages for patients. Moreover, the compound has an exceptional safety profile as it has been used in other therapeutic areas for more than 20 years.

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