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PDprotec® is a novel dialysis fluid developed to overcome the limitations of current PD fluids and to help patients, clinicians and health care providers to fully realize the potential offered by peritoneal dialysis.

In a randomized, placebo-controlled, multi-center Phase II study, PDprotec® demonstrated its ability to

  • Reduce the risk of peritoneal membrane failure and to
  • Lower the risk of peritonitis.

The study corroborated the excellent safety profile already shown in previous studies.

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PDprotec® uses the anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and other cytoprotective properties of a compound identified in research by Zytoprotec’s founders.


ICOprotec® is Zytoprotec’s next-generation cytoprotective PD solution. The product is based on a non-glucose-based (icodextrin-based) PD solution. The product is ready for clinical development.


Zytoprotec has the ability, to screen active substances with its platform technology, which could have a therapeutic benefit in other deceases than kidney failure. Zytoprotec thinks in particular of diabetes and high blood pressure. Such active substances would stimulate the protective mechanisms of the particular cells of the affected organ or organ system, so that the cells which are exposed to the damaging effects of medical conditions – in the case of diabetes the abnormally high sugar content of the blood does the damage, in case of high blood pressure it is the abnormally high pressure of the blood which exerts an abnormally high physical strain on cells of the blood vessels – can protect themselves better against the stress that is created by the respective medical condition.