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PDprotec® is a novel, innovative PD fluid to substantially mitigate the typically often occurring severe side effects of current PD fluids and to help patients, clinicians and health care providers to fully realize the potential offered by peritoneal dialysis (PD).

In a randomized, placebo-controlled, multi-center Clinical Phase II Study, PDprotec® demonstrated its ability to

  • reduce the risk of peritoneal membrane failure and 
  • lower the risk of peritonitis.

The study further corroborated the excellent safety profile already shown in previous studies.

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PDprotec® uses the salutary properties of a compound – Alanly Glutamine or AlGlu – discovered by Zytoprotec’s co-founder and scientific leader Prof. Christoph Aufricht and his team, which stimulate the peritoneal cells’ inherent ability to protect themselves against chemical stress that all PD fluids exert on them thus reducing infections (peritonitis) and membrane failure, which are the most dreaded side effects of a PD treatment.


ICOprotec® is Zytoprotec’s next-generation cytoprotective PD fluid. The product is based on a non-glucose-based (icodextrin-based) PD fluid. The product is ready for clinical development.


Zytoprotec has the ability to screen a broad range of pharmacologically active substances (compounds) for their potential therapeutic benefit in terms of stimulating cells’ own or inherent abilities to protect themselves against stress triggered by diseases or treatments, which diseases or treatments (such as PD) are very young in evolutionary terms so that the affected cells’ own protective mechanisms fail, ie, do not respond or are not activated. Compounds can be screened for their ability to stimulate or “up-regulates” those protective mechanisms. Target diseases are in particular diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension). In the first case, the abnormally high sugar content of the blood damages the cells of the blood vessels. In the latter, there is an abnormally high physical strain on the cells of the blood vessels.