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Key Milestones



Three researchers who were instrumental in the development of PPDprotec® have been invited to present their research findings on cytoprotective PD fluids at the EuroPD Congress in Bruges (Belgium) from 27 to 30 November 2023: C. Aufricht (keynote), K. Kratochwill, R. Herzog


Members of the Zytoprotec team visit our Chinese joint venture partner, Vantage Group, and had a series of successful high-level meetings with companies, investors and individuals important to the conduct of the Phase III clinical trial in China. Everyone at Zytoprotec was impressed by the professionalism and determination of our dialogue partners to put the plans for China into action


Filling of 400 5-Liter Double-Chamber-Bags under GMP-compliant industrial conditions as end point of the PDprotec® development project


Christoph Aufricht, co-founder and CSO of Zytoprotec is designated coordinator of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Project - Doctoral Networks EUDOPD (HE-MSCA-2023-DN) of the Horizon Europe Programme. This is the third EU project to research, improve and disseminate peritoneal dialysis more widely


Zytoprotec signed a Memorandum of Understanding and a Term Sheet with the Chinese partner Vantage Group. The partners intend to establish a Chinese joint venture company with the aim of conducting the Phase III clinical trial for PDprotec® in China, obtaining marketing authorisation in the near future and then immediately starting the market launch (marketing and distribution) PDprotec® in China


The Company receives a grant of EUR 180,000 from the Chamber of Commerce Vienna in support of infrared-spectroscopy of PD-effluate


Patent application filed with the European Patent Office (EPO) for a so-called “New Indication Patent” to protect the newly discovered systemic anti-inflammatory effect of PDprotec. The newly discovered effect appears to be a turning point or game changer in dialysis treatment as systemic inflammation, especially of the coronary arteries, is considered to be the main trigger for cardiovascular events (e.g. hearth attacks), which are responsible for around 40% of deaths in dialysis patients (HD and PD alike). The patent application is based on promising results from an animal study in 2022. In September the EPO confirmed “novelty” and “innovative step” in writing


Start of a financing round in the form of a public offering of GmbH shares and atypical silent partnerships with a volume of up to EUR 5,000,000, which is intended to secure the financing of Zytoprotec until the conclusion of the Chinese Phase III Study and, in particular, to provide funds for further research in Vienna


Filing of the so-called “Double-Chamber-Bag Patent”, and swift written confirmation by the European Patent Office that “novelty” and “innovative step” are given


Transfer of all silent partnerships from Schilling-Group to AUXIL Treuhand GmbH


Beginning of work towards ability to produce PDprotec® at an industrial scale by contract producers


Start of product development of 5-Liter Double-Chamber-Bag for PDprotec®


Successful financing through convertible loans, silent partnerships and shareholder loans with a total volume of EUR 5,600,000


Grant of Chinese patent for ICOprotec®


Start of planning the EU/US clinical Phase III study for PDprotec® in collaboration with Parexel, one of the largest clinical research organisations (CRO). Subsequent positive feedback from EMA (European Medicines Agency) and FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)


Receipt of EU-grant of EUR 500,000 in the course of participating in the EU-Project “IMPROVE-PD”


Award of various prizes for team members of our Christian-Doppler-Laboratory (www.cdg.ac.at)


Increase of the size of the scientific advisory board by includind eight international peritoneal dialysis experts


U.S. FDA grants PDprotec® Orphan Drug Status


Results of the clinical Phase II Study of PDprotec® exceed the targets set. The study is the best Phase II study ever conducted for a PD liquid


End of clinical Phase II Study of PDprotec® (last patient out)


Series A2 Financing with a volume of EUR 4,700,000


Zytoprotec opens first Christian-Doppler-Laboratory (a public-private-partnership) aimed at biomarker research in the field of peritoneal dialysis


Start of double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical Phase II Study of PDprotec® (first patient in)


Series A Financing at a volume of EUR 2,500,000


Filing of patent application for ICOprotec® with the European Patent Office (see INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY)


Successful completion of the cllinical Phase I Study of PDprotec®

2011 First financing by angel investors at a volume of EUR 1,500,000


Filing of patent application for PDprotec® with the European Patent Office (see INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY)


Foundation of Zytoprotec GmbH to continue the previous university research of Prof. Christoph Aufricht in the field of zytoprotection and stimulation of the cells’ own protective mechanisms and development of an innovative peritoneal dialysis fluid (dialysate)