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Capital Market Prospectus 2022/23


In order to invest (i) in the form of a newly issued share Zytoprotec GmbH (the issuer; a  private limited company under Austrian law) (ii) and/or in the form of a newly formed atypical silent partnership with Zytoprotec GmbH – both via the trustee AUXIL GmbH – potential investors should read the Capital Market Prospectus 2022/2023 with its two amendments, which can be found in chronological order right after the main part of the prospectus. Click here: Capital Market Prospectus 2022/23 (in German only). A English translation will be provided by Zytoprotec upon request.

In both investment forms the minimum subscription is EUR 5,000. Potential investors can obtain subscription forms online at: www.join-zytoprotec.at. The original offer period ended on 16 October 2023. It is however extended until 31 December 2023.

Investors who are approached directly through personal contacts of Zytoprotec team members or shareholders of Zytoprotec can invest directly, i.e., not via the trustee AUXIL GmbH. They are also encouraged to read the Capital Market Prospectus 2022/23 with its amendments.