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Advancing Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)

Millions of patients worldwide are dependent on dialysis to survive. There are two types of dialysis (renal replacement therapy): Hemodialysis (mechanical blood purification) and peritoneal dialysis (PD), in which the blood is purified by a PD fluid in the abdomen. Our novel dialysate, PDprotec®, is designed to improve the outcomes of this treatment and reduce the burden of kidney failure for patients and healthcare providers. Zytoprotec expects the number of dialysis patients to increase significantly for many years to come. It is estimated that 90% of dialysis fluids contain sugar. The global market for dialysis fluids was worth more than US$ 3 billion in 2021. It has grown steadily over the last 20+ years and is expected to continue to grow at high rates. A novel PD fluid such as PDprotec® is also expected to accelerate market growth since lesser unwanted side-effects will enable patients to stay longer on PD (automatic market growth). In addition and most importantly, Zytoprotec expects a marked shift from HD to PD with a substantially better product on the market compared to the best products currently available since PD gives patients more freedom, is a more natural form of dialysis than HD, and is substantially cheaper and environmentally more friendly than HD.

PDprotec®key advantages

Fewer harmful side effects such as peritonitis

Patients can stay on the more pleasant and gentler PD for longer

Therefore, the share of PD in dialysis increases automatically

Presumably cardiovascular protection and thus better survival

PDprotec® NEWS

Successful Financing 2023

Around EUR 2.5 million in fresh investor capital was raised in 2023, most of it in December. The Zytoprotec team is delighted that this was possible despite the difficult financing environment for start-ups during the last two years. And we would like to thank all new investors for the trust they have placed in us. The money will primarily be used for further research, possibly for a small Austrian Phase 2b Study to substantiate the recently discovered systemic anti-inflammatory effect of our lead product PDprotec®, ...

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PDprotec<sup>®</sup> Researchers at EuroPD

PDprotec® Researchers at EuroPD

November 2023, EuroPD in Bruges, Belgium – Three Researchers instrumental in developing Zytoprotec’s innovative PD-fluid PDprotec® were invited as speakers to EuroPD:  Christoph Aufricht, Zytoprotec’s co-founder and CSO (keynote), Rebecca Herzog and Klaus Kratochwill. EuroPD (Nov. 27-30, 2023, in Bruges, Belgium).

Successful next steps towards implementation of Chinese Joint Venture

Successful next steps towards implementation of Chinese Joint Venture

In September 2023, a Zytoprotec team visited Vantage Group in Shanghai. The week-long visit comprised successful meetings with potential investors who all showed high interest in financing the JV, a high-ranking official of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Regulator (cFDA), Tigermed, Asia’s largest and highly regarded CRO (Contract Research Organization) and a supplier of bags for the envisaged Clinical Phase III Study.

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Award-winning science
and world-class
clinical research

To improve the lives of patients.

Science and Technology

The development of PDprotec® has been advanced by Zytoprotec’s own scientists and clinical experts and by the expertise and support provided by global leaders in the field of PD represented in our Scientific Advisory Board.

Scientific Advisory Board

A clear step forward in next generation PD solutions."*
Prof. Dr. Nicholas Topley

They say a bit of stress is good for you – Zytoprotec research shows nicely how you can incorporate this principle into clinical practice of PD."
Prof. Dr. Janusz Witowski

Targeting peritoneal membrane barrier and transport function by PDprotec® improves PD efficacy and biocompatibility and should improve PD substantially and ultimately patient long-term outcome."*
Prof. Dr. Claus Peter Schmitt, Heidelberg

A big step toward the preservation of peritoneal membrane in PD patients. An attractive approach to preserve the peritoneal membrane, complementary to the efforts to improve fluid biocompatibility, is the use of additives protecting the mesothelium. In this context, Zytoprotec, through the wise combination of basic and clinical research, has developed novel PD fluids that mitigate peritoneal damage and, as a consequence, reduce systemic side-effects of dialysis treatment."*
Prof. Dr. Manuel Lopez Cabrera

The phase II data suggest that PDprotec will restore mesothelial integrity and inflammatory responses, providing a potential step change for PD. A sufficiently powered phase 3 study that has impacts on clinically meaningful endpoints is now required.“*
Prof. Dr. Simon Davies, Keele, United Kingdom

*Quote was made in an e-mail correspondence between the expert and Professor Aufricht